Online advertising has paved its way into the Information Highway, turning in its best year of ad spending since 2001, according to a study conducted by PricewaterhouseCoopers and sponsored by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB). PayPopUp.com offers a broad array of solutions that meet the needs of ad agencies and advertisers who require the focus of site-specific targeting, geographic, or run-of-network campaigns targeted to their needs. We could target your campaign by users� language preference, geographic location, time zone, interest and more. The Yesup Network, including paypopup.com reaches 600 million unique users each month by delivering

 Get laser-targeted traffic from ads! Place banner ads, text ads, text links or contextual links on individual blog posts that are relevant to your ad and enjoy higher CTR (click through rates) than any PPC program will be able to deliver or display your ads sitewide on blogs.

Get highly targeted traffic from sponsored articles! Order sponsored articles from professional bloggers and having them publish the articles on their blogs, or publish your own articles on authority blogs in your niche in your niche.

Page And Niche Targeting! Search for individual blog posts and niches related to your ads for laser-targeted advertising or use our powerful matching tool which delivers tailored results the second blog posts are published that fit your profile.

Control your advertising budget! All ad rates are fixed monthly recurring or one-time.

Fully transparent! You will always see on which sites and pages you are advertising.

Real-Time Stats Tracking! Real-Time stats show you exactly which of you campaigns performs best in terms of total/unique impressions and total/unique clicks.

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Sell text links
Sell text links on each of your pages in different, individually priced. Nothing to install, just register and start selling.

Sell contextual links
Sell contextual links from your website and blog posts. This enables you to monetize your existing inventory and whenever you add content to your site.

Sell content snippets
Sell content snippets from your website or blog. The snippets are relevant to your website content so naturally add content to your pages.

Sell banner ads
Sell banner ads on your website or blog. You can offer sitewide ads, ads in custom locations and even set different banner ad prices for individual pages.

Sell text ads
Sell text ads from your website or blog. The text ads are relevenat to the content of your pages and you can define a sitewide display, custom locations display and even display on individual pages only.

Sell guest posts
Monetize your blog by posting articles from other users for a one-time fee. You have full control on the articles you post. Add content related to your website and make money too.kwon more>>